Radio 74 - ZineCon 2 overview

September 18, 2016

KC Zinecon came back larger and still laid back, to the UMKC campus this year, and it was a hell of a lot of fun!

Check out the companion blog post here.

Thank you all for listening! - Mario, the Artisan Rogue


AR Podcast 0025 Pokemon Go (Bring me Smiles)

July 18, 2016

So unless you've been hiding in a gym, you all know that Pokemon Go! is the latest and coolest new thing to make people pass time, and surprisingly, a bit of goodwill along with it.


AR Podcast 0024 Midlife

July 1, 2016

This is crazy! As of this release of this show, it's been 24 produced episodes, growing to what this show is today. I hope you enjoy this episode as I tackle some subjects in a bit of a rough way, but it's from a sincere place.

So midlife crisis issues can stem from a lot of things, but it seems to come from regrets, not tackling the future and being prepared to do so. I do my best to stay on target, but do end up talking about girl fights, inspirational quotes, and taking a fist to the jimmy.


Thanks again for feedback, listening, sharing, and all of that. It means the world to me!

(Some usage of explicit language and situation descriptions are performed in this podcast, most are general audience, this one is not)

AR Podcast 0023 Networking

June 26, 2016

I go just a little blue on talking about networking in this episode, but sit back and hopefully enjoy my take on this whole networking thing. Many thanks to my comic creating buddies online, and at shows that gave me the idea for this episode!


AR Podcast 0022 Get a Real Job!!

June 11, 2016

You ever heard the phrase "Get a Real Job!"? Well I have, and it's not the best thing to hear. There's probably a lot of reasons, and I talk about a few of those (I also inadvertently recorded my foster puppy barking a bit during this session, excuse that).


AR Podcast 0021 Employed?

May 15, 2016

I ramble on the subject of how employment might be a state of mind. Is it the end of the world, or is it the beginning of making a new path for yourself? I analyze,... no, I ponder and think about how my life has changed since I was laid off.


AR Podcast 0020 Stress

March 26, 2016

Stress can be a killer, literally. Thankfully there are some things that can help alleviate it, unfortunately, I only know a few, and none of them involve a trip to Fantasy Island...


AR Podcast 0019 Change

March 25, 2016

Change comes at you like a bad aftertaste, but it's up to you with how you cope, deal, roll with, overcome, or maybe even work with it. Also, I lose my day job, and actually don't do what most people do and lose my $%#@ over it...


AR Podcast 0018 Dreams

February 29, 2016

I don't think there are any of us that don't wonder what dreams are or why we have them. But more importantly, how much do they influence us?


AR Podcast 0017 Happiness

November 28, 2015

It started out as a podcast about Depression as an artist, but then I realized I wanted to speak about Happiness, and how you can maybe find it, no matter who you are.